How to Select the Best Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Services

The conventional dry cleaning methods can return the original shine to your clothes but they are harmful to the environment and can also damage the fabric. The increasing environmental awareness has resulted in the popularity of eco-friendly dry cleaning services in North York, Toronto and other progressive areas of Canada. While selecting the ideal environment-friendly dry-cleaning methods you need to know the exact method as not all methods are 100% friendly to the environment.

What is a green dry cleaning service?

Perchloroethylene, also known as PCE, or tetrachloroethylene is the most common solvent used in traditional dry cleaning. It is also called PERC in general language. This solvent is extremely dangerous to the environment. The dry cleaning methods that don’t involve PERC but instead use the friendlier substitutes are referred to as green dry cleaning.

There are some widely used following methods of green dry cleaning:

• Wet cleaning
• Carbon dioxide
• Hydrocarbon
• Silicon-based cleaners

How to find the best eco-friendly dry cleaning services in Toronto?

Keep in mind that not all the above-mentioned methods are fully environment-safe. So, be specific while confirming the environmental effect of the dry cleaning methods. If you are keen on keeping the environment completely free from any harm then insist on using either wet cleaning or carbon dioxide cleaning as the rest of the two methods aren’t 100% environment-friendly.

eco-friendly dry cleaning services

Wet Cleaning:

In Wet cleaning method, the dry cleaners employ very mild detergents and natural water for cleaning the laundry. However, their sophisticated purpose-built equipment with automated controls effectively cleans the dirt, oils and stubborn stains.

After the process, the garments are passed through elaborate processing which involves ironing, steaming and other steps that not only give your garments a shining brilliance and crispness but also evaporate the deep-seated odor.

Your clothes and environment remain safe throughout the process as no harmful chemicals or sharp acids are used. There is no dangerous residue and due to the safe process no air pollution, water contamination or other environmental damage is caused.

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Cleaning:

As the name suggests, this method employs liquid carbon dioxide and mild detergents to clean your garments. The non-toxic gas is kept under high pressure in special conditions to produce liquid CO2. After that, the garments are placed into conventional equipment. After carefully sucking out the ambient air from the drum, a sufficient quantity of CO2 gas and CO2 liquid is injected into it to effectively clean the clothes. Once the clothes are thoroughly cleaned the liquid carbon dioxide is refilled back to the holding tank for future use.

A negligible quantity of only 3 percent of CO2 is released in the atmosphere which effectively minimizes environmental impact to the negligible levels. It is worth mentioning that the CO2 used in this process is captured as residue from industrial processes. Moreover, this process also minimizes the energy requirements when compared with conventional dry cleaning methods.

One of the major cons of this method is the extensively costly machines needed in the process. The highly sophisticated equipment can cost somewhere between 35 and 40 thousand dollars.

DF-2000 Hydrocarbon Solvent:

While the DF-2000 Hydrocarbon solvent is less harmful than the other conventional materials used during dry cleaning methods, it cannot be termed as an environment-friendly substance as it is derived from petroleum. Moreover, there are serious concerns regarding greenhouse gases in this type of dry cleaning.

To the best, we can say that it is less harmful than traditional substances used by conventional dry cleaners in Toronto. If you are seriously concerned about the environment then it is advisable to avoid these methods.

dry cleaning services

Silicon-Based Solvent:

The liquefied sand is used in place of harmful PERC. Functioning in the capacity of the silicone-based solvent the liquefied sand can effectively clean the garments and removes tough stains while returning their original brilliance and texture. Moreover, your clothes remain fully safe as the process is 100% chemical-free.

One concern, however, is the release of carcinogenic dioxin during the production of chorine- one of the cleaning materials used in the process.

The eco-friendly dry cleaning services are not only safe for the environment but are also fabric friendly. However, you need to be very specific while finding the ideal green dry cleaners in Toronto who assure the friendly dry cleaning service without harming your fabric or environment. While many dry cleaning providers in North York claim to provide the best eco-friendly service you need to ask for the specific methods that they are going to use for dry cleaning your clothes. Make sure to select the method that has nil or minimal impact on the environment.

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